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Italian for middle and high school in two text books, two work/activity books, teacher's guides, and testing programs.

Both main texts contain the following features:

Initial Dialogue: Real-life situations that present vocabulary and discrete grammar points in the language of the educated native speaker.
Parole Da Ricordare: A reference list of essential and useful vocabulary.
Vocabulary Expansion: Useful expressions and idiomatic language targeted toward authentic communication.
Building Blocks: Streamlined approach to discrete grammatical structure beginning with very simple points and later spiraling to more complex levels of communication.
Proviamo: Language practice that uses a variety of pedagogical approaches in communicative contexts.
Readings: In English in the first volume, informing about Italian history, culture and lifestyle; in Italian in the second volume exploring in depth: neighborhood, housing, schools, museums, cars, sports and music. Additional topics deal with jobs and immigration, working women and the family, ecology and the environment.
Performance Activities:
Ascoltiamo: Listening comprehension
Leggiamo: Interpretation of contemporary "realia" and written texts.
Scriviamo: Guided writing exercises (from simple messages to business correspondence.
Parliamo: Guided practice to develop speaking competence in various contexts.

WORK and ACTIVITY BOOKS - Both workbooks contain:
  • Reading comprehension sections based on the initial dialogue of each chapter. Students are required to make statements or to answer questions in complete sentences.
  • A vocabulary section where "the right word" is needed to complete sentences.
  • A "building blocks" section where discrete grammar points are practiced.

Furthermore, in WORKBOOK Vol.1, the section "Competence" reinforces previous acquisitions with the objective of giving students a sense of accomplishment as well as further practice.

WORK and ACTIVITY BOOK vol. 2, has additional "Performance Activities" based on the four skills. "Immagini fotografiche dell'Italia" provides further information on Italian life style, culture and history through short readings that invite cultural and historical comparisons.

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