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Viaggi Series

MVM Publishers' "Viaggi Series" allows the teacher to take students on virtual tours of some of the most fascinating destinations in Italy. Each package includes a Power Point presentation, ready to project to an entire class or for use for individuals or small groups on a computer screen. A bi-lingual booklet provides the history and artistic significance of each place featured in the program in English and in Italian.

Reviews of the "Viaggi Series" have been great and have inspired viewers to find out more about what they have seen. MVM Publishers has made that even easier because our "Viaggi Booklets" provide extensive lists of sources that can be contacted through the internet.

Presently, we offer virtual tours to five destinations and there are still more to come.

Available now:

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  • Viaggio in Campania
  • Viaggio nella Sicilia orientale
  • Viaggio in Toscana
  • Viaggio in Umbria
  • Viaggio a Venezia

Yet to come:

  • Viaggio a Roma antica
  • Viaggio a Roma cristiana e barocca
  • Viaggio a Torino
  • Viaggio in Sardegna

Each title is $20.00 and includes shipping. Private individuals in New York State making purchases must add 8% sales tax.

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